Quality Switch, Inc. manufactures a broad range of custom and standard de-energized tap changers (DETCs) and switches for the electrical industry. De-energized tap changers (DETCs) are also commonly referred to as off-circuit tap changers (OCTCs). The bulk of our product is used by transformer manufacturers that serve utility and industrial markets, and in general, are non-load break devices. Our switches can range from 125 amps to 2500 amps per deck with BIL ratings from 10 kV BIL to 1050 kV BIL. Also, switches are designed for use in Air, Transformer Oil, Natural Ester Fluids, Silicone, and other refined hydrocarbons.

Our company brochure is a general overview of our offerings, but keep in mind that with our design and engineering capabilities, we can customize to meet your needs as well. This is just a sampling of product offerings, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know the application and we’ll recommend a solution.

We have developed several families of de-energized (off-circuit) tap changers, dual voltage switches, and grounding switches that may use common component types or design features. Please review some of the more common types below:

  • Type QS-DRR™ DETCs Small Distribution—Rotary Ring Type (see QS-DRR 200A Ring type assembly PDF)

    • 200 amps, up to 250 kV BIL.

  • Type QS-DRD™ DETCs Small Distribution & Small Power—Snap-action (see QSD-32 PDF)

    • 400 amps & 200 amps available, up to 350 kV BIL.

  • Type QS-DLS™ DETCs Medium & Small Power—mechanically linear (see QSD-31B PDF)

    • 400 amps, up to 650 kV BIL or more depending on winding arrangement.

  • Type QS-DGR™ DETCs Medium & Small Power—Rotary Ring Type (see QSD-25 PDF & see QSD-25A PDF)

    • 500 amps & 300 amps available, up to 750 kV BIL.

  • Type QS-DLS™ DETCs Large Power-mechanically linear (see QSD-33 PDF)

    • 1000 amps, up to 1050 kV BIL.

  • Type QS-DLS™ Dual Voltage Switches—Medium power—mechanically linear (see QSD-37)

    • 500 amps & 1000 amps available, up to 230 kV X 115 kV (900 kV BIL).

  • Type QS-GBN™ HV Network Disconnect Grounding Switch—Distribution (see QSD-28)

    • IEEE C57.12.40-2017 compliant

Helpful Information to provide when inquiring about a switch application:

Transformer Data

  • Transformer Rating

  • Type of environment: oil, ester fluid, air, etc.

  • Type of Transformer: Distribution, Power, Furnace, Special

  • Rated HV & Rated LV: Delta or Wye

De-energized Tap Changer (DETC) Data

  • System Voltage (kV)

  • Maximum current thru DETC (Amps)

  • Tapping Range & Steps

  • Number of positions

  • Number of Phases & Number of Decks/Phase

  • Location of DETC: Line End, Mid-tap HV Winding, Mid-tap LV winding, Neutral

  • Insulation levels: DETC ph-grd, ph-ph, across tap range, between steps

  • Type of Connection: Bridging, Non-Bridging (electrically linear), coarse & fine

  • Type of Construction: Mechanically linear, Rotary

  • Type of Mounting: Horizontal, vertical, alongside coils, on top of coils, on tank wall or cover.